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NLC: Yes | Walkthrough: No | Temp License: Yes | Nursys: Yes

Temporary/Permanent License

Approximately 1-5 business days upon receipt of all required documents. The temporary license is valid for 90 days.



Licensure by Endorsement & Foreign Educated With Temporary License Request: $135.00

Licensure by Endorsement & Foreign Educated: $125.00

Licensure by Endorsement & U.S. Educated: $85.00

Licensure by Endorsement & U.S. Educated With Temporary License Request: $95.00

Application Process

When you are online and you “start” the application process you can view detailed instructions for licensure by endorsement with different variable (foreign educated, with/without a temporary license, multi-state license, etc)

These Are the Steps for United States Educated Nurse With a Temporary License

1. Complete an application for Licensure by Endorsement online (you can also mail in an application)

2. Provide proof of citizenship

• Submit a notarized Evidence of Status form and supporting documentation

3. Pay the associated fees

4. Verification of original state of licensure – proving completion of a board-approved nursing education program meeting the educational standards established by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and degree received, and passing the licensure examination, received from your original state of licensure.

• If the state participates in Nursys, you must complete the Nursys verification process, pay their fee and designate Oklahoma as the receipt of the verification.

• If the state does not participate in Nursys, you must contact their state Board directly for further instructions. You will need to send them a Verification of Licensure form to complete and submit to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing on your behalf.

• If your state does not fully verify your nursing education, the Board will request that an official transcript be submitted to this office directly from the nursing program.

5. Demonstrating evidence of meeting continued qualifications for practice within the last five years prior to receipt of the completed application. The employer will need to fax or mail it in.

• If you have worked at the same level of licensure for which you are applying for a minimum of 520 hours in the last five years, please request that your employer submit an Employment Verification Form and job description indicating a nursing license is required for that position(s).

• If you have not practiced as a licensed nurse for at least 520 hours in the last five years prior to applying for licensure by endorsement, an official transcript or certificate of completion for a refresher course approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing or an official transcript documenting hours earned in a board-approved nursing education program must be sent directly to this Board from the program.

6. Name change documentation (if applicable)

• If you currently hold a license in another state that is not in your current name, submit a copy of a legal document indicating the change of name (such as a copy of a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order).

7. Fingerprints and a complete background check

• You must provide fingerprint images to be used for the purpose of permitting a state and national criminal history records search through the OSBI and FBI.

• If you have an Oklahoma mailing address, you will need to make an appointment online and then go to an IdentoGo center

• If you have an out-of-state mailing address, the Board staff will mail you specific fingerprint cards that you must take to a local law enforcement agency to obtain the fingerprints. You must wait to receive the specific coded Form RS-04 fingerprint cards from the Board office prior to obtaining your fingerprints. An addressed envelope will be provided as the fingerprint cards must be mailed by the law enforcement agency directly to an IdentoGO center sponsored by Idemia.

You will receive a temporary license once the Oklahoma Board of Nursing has received verification of your fingerprints and is awaiting the results.

8. Criminal Charges, Disciplinary Action, or Judicial Declaration of Mental Incompetence (if applicable).

• If you answer “yes” to the criminal charge, discipline, or competency questions on the application, you must submit a statement on the application form, describing the date, location, and circumstances of the incident, and the resulting action taken by the court or disciplinary board.


Renewal License

• Renewal of your license occurs every 2 years

• Licenses expire the last day of the licensee’s birth month in even-numbered years.

• Required contact hours: one or more of the following:

• Employment in a position that requires a registered nurse/practical nurse license with verification of at least 520 work hours

• Completion of at least twenty-four (24) contact hours of continuing education applicable to nursing practice

• Current certification in a nursing specialty area

• Completion of a Board-approved refresher course

• Completion of at least six (6) academic semester credit hours of nursing coursework at the licensee’s current level of licensure or higher


Important Things to Know About Applying for Licensure for Endorsement 

• Your application is valid for one year from the date it is received in the Board office. All requirements must be met within that year; otherwise, a new application, associated documents, and the fee must be submitted.

• If you already have an Oklahoma Single State License and want to change it to an Oklahoma Multistate License, submit this application.