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NLC: No | Walkthrough: No | Temp License: Yes | Nursys: Yes

Temporary License

Processed within 7-10 business days after receipt of all required documents. The temporary license is valid for 6 months.



Endorsement Application: $105.00

Fingerprints: $40.00

Application Process

Temporary License

1. Submit your completed and signed application for Licensure by Endorsement via the Nevada Nurse Portal

2. Pay the associated fees

3. Submit a copy of evidence of graduation from your nursing education program

4. Official verification from your original state of licensure by examination.

• If the state participates in Nursys, you must complete the Nursys verification process, pay their fee and designate Nevada as the receipt of the verification.

• If the state does not participate in Nursys, you must contact their state Board directly for further instructions. You will need to send them the Verification of License form to complete and submit to the Nevada State Board of Nursing on your behalf. You now qualify for a temporary license and will need to complete your Complete Background Check before your temporary license expires in order to receive a permanent license.

5. Submit a completed fingerprint card

• If you have your fingerprints submitted through livescan they must be captured in Nevada.

• If you have your fingerprints done out of state, they must be done by a law enforcement agency or by a private fingerprinting service. You may use any agency’s fingerprint card as long as it is completed on the standard FD-258 card.

6. Submit the Civil Applicant Waiver Form


Renewal License

• Renewal of your license occurs every 2 years

• 30 required contact hours

• Including a one-time required 4-hour bioterrorism course


Important Things to Know About Applying for Licensure for Endorsement 

• Applications will be accepted without a U.S. Social Security Number; however, a license will NOT be issued without a Social Security Number.

• A permanent license will not be issued until the Board receives fingerprint reports from the Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any issues have been resolved.

• Due to various factors, it may take up to four (4) months for the Board to receive the official fingerprint results from the Department of Public Safety and FBI.

• Your application for licensure is valid for one year from the date received by the Board. It is your responsibility to follow up with the Board to determine the ongoing status of your application.