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NLC: No | Walkthrough: No | Temp License: No | Nursys: No

Temporary License

Approximately 10-12 weeks upon receipt of all required documents.


Permanent License

Approximately 8-10 weeks upon receipt of all required documents. The temporary license is valid for 6 months.



Endorsement Application: $350.00

Temporary License: $100.00

Fingerprint Card (If Out-Of-State): $49.00

Application Process

You can apply online or mail in the completed application packet- the Board or Nursing indicates the process is significantly faster if you opt for the online route. The Board provides simple directions for applying online as well as directions for mailing in an application packet.

1. Complete an application for Licensure by Endorsement online or mail it in.

• Provide a valid United States Social Security Number

2. Pay the associated fees

3. Submit the request for a temporary license

4. Submit a recent 2” x 2” passport-type photograph of yourself

5. Fingerprints & Complete Background Check

• One completed fingerprint card (hard card) or second copy of the Live Scan Service Applicant Submission form (BCII 8016).

• If you opt to get your fingerprints done through Live Scan, you will need to get them done in California.

6. Verification of license from all other state(s) or Canada must be received by the Board of Nursing.

• If the state(s) participate in Nursys, you must complete the Nursys verification process, pay their fee and designate California as the receipt of the verification.

• If the state(s) does not participate in Nursys, you must contact their state Boards directly for further instructions. They will need to submit an official verification to the California Board of Nursing on your behalf.

7. Request for transcript form(s) completed and forwarded directly from the nursing school(s) with certified transcripts.

• Transcripts are required from all colleges you attended that reflect courses required for a degree in nursing, including general education course requirements and all nursing courses.

• Transcripts must be reviewed and approved prior to the issuance of a Temporary License.

8. Documents and/or letters explaining prior convictions or disciplinary action and attesting to your rehabilitation (if applicable).

9. For international graduates – send a breakdown of the educational program for international nursing programs form to your school with the Request for Transcript form. Also, provide the Certified English Translation form to your certified translator if your transcript is not in English. (See Supplemental Application Instructions for International Graduates.)


Renewal License

Renewal of your license occurs every 2 years

• Your first California Registered Nurse license is issued for two birthdays, not two years, and will expire the last day of the month following your birth date.

• From that date on, it will expire every two years, if renewed timely.

• Renewal of your license is done online through BreEZe

• Renewal: $190.00 30 required contact hours

• This is not required for the first renewal. You may work pending your license renewal providing that the renewal fee has been submitted timely and all renewal requirements have been met.


California License Verification – Endorsement by Another State

California does not participate in Nursys and if you need to verify your CA RN license, please follow the following steps.


1. Fill out the license verification form provided by the state in which you are seeking licensure. If there is no form, write and sign a letter of request on a blank piece of paper. Be sure either form you use indicates your CA RN license number, your current name, the name you used when you became licensed in CA and your birth date.

2. Main both the verification form and a check or money order of $100.00 to:

• Board of Registered Nursing PO BOX 944210 Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

3. Allow 4 weeks for the request to be processed.

• Refer to your bank account as it’s processed the date your check is cashed.

4. Allow another 2 weeks for the verification to be emailed to the receiving Board of Nursing.

5. If the receiving Board of Nursing indicates that they have not received the verification, wait 30 days (no more than 90 days) before reaching out to the California Board of Nursing.

6. After the 30 days, they will make another attempt and send a second email.


Important Things to Know About Applying for Licensure for Endorsement

• The Board must receive and process fingerprint results from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as well as review and approve transcripts before a temporary license is issued. There may be a delay if the application or fingerprint results indicate a prior conviction(s) or another basis for denial.

• Active duty military spouses or partners receive expedited review. The board is required to expedite the licensure process for an applicant whose spouse or partner is an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces and meets other criteria pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 115.5.