New York

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NLC: No | Walkthrough: No | Temp License: No | Nursys: Yes

Temporary License

Approximately 4-6 weeks upon receipt of all required docs.

*During high seasons like summer timing usually takes 6 weeks. The New York Board of Nursing process everything at once and submitting items separately slows it down.



Licensure & First Registration: $143.00

Limited Permit: $35.00

Application Process

1. Complete the initial application for Licensure by Endorsement (either online or mailed in)

• All applicants must complete Infection Control training and Child Abuse Identification and Reporting coursework as part of a NYS nursing school curriculum. Certificates of completing are uploaded to additional documents during the initial online application. See the exceptions rules below.


2. Pay the associated fees


3. Have the nursing school that made you eligible to take the NCLEX examination to submit the appropriate form on your behalf.

• There are different forms depending on when and where you were educated (you can find all the forms online).


4. Verify all current and past licenses or certificate to practice any profession

• If the state participates in Nursys, you must complete the Nursys verification process, pay their fee and designate New York as the receipt of the verification. If the state does not participate in Nursys, you must contact their state Board directly for further instructions. You will need to send them the Verification of License form to complete and submit to the New York Board of Nursing on your behalf.


Renewal License

• Renewal of your license occurs every 4 years

• 3 required hours of infection control every 4 years; 2 required contact hours of child abuse (one-time requirement for initial license


Important things to Know About Applying For Licensure for Endorsement

• Limited permits are an option but typically issued to RNs who are obtaining licensure through examination. It can be issued for endorsement applications under certain circumstances, like a hold up in a state licensure verification. In order to qualify the nurse must be employed by the facility and not by a third party. Permits are issued only to RNs under immediate supervision with the endorsement of the employer.

• You can apply for an exemption to the requirement to complete training or coursework in the identification of child abuse and maltreatment because the nature of your practice excludes contact with persons under the age of 18 and persons 18 or older with a handicapping condition who reside in a residential care school or facility.

• You can apply for an exemption to the requirement to complete the training and coursework for infection control if you can document, to the satisfaction of the Department, that there is no need for the training based on the nature of your practice. Or If you wish to apply for an exemption based on the nature of your practice, or if you can satisfactorily document that you have completed course work in infection control within the past four years that included the minimum information required in the New York State approved syllabus.

• No Complete Background Check needed to obtain licensure by endorsement.

• After you have submitted all your documentation, please allow