Service Terms and Agreements

Referral Policy

Updated 2/1/2020

  • Beginning November 1st 2019, ARMS (“Allied Resources Medical Staffing”, Employer) will pay all referral bonuses (Bonus) (including, but limited to assignments of: Travel / Local Contract / Per Diem) to the referral source (Source) according to the schedule below.
    • Schedule(s) for:
    • 13 week contracts – Bonus paid on 12th week of contract.
    • Per Diem – Bonus paid after 48 hours of completed work.
  • The Source must be in good standing with ARMS to receive the Bonus.
  • ARMS retains the right to withhold a referral bonus if the Source is not an active candidate with ARMS.
  • If the referred nurse (Referred) voids/terminates their contract early, the Bonus is voided along with it and the Source will not receive the Bonus.
  • The referred must be legally licensed to work in the US, and listed as a new employee to ARMS (including terms as: Lead, Prospect, New).
  • A referral entry must be documented via website submission by the Source or Referred before the hiring process beings. Extenuating circumstances are held at the discretion of the recruiter.
  • The hiring and credentialing processes of the Referred are confidential to ARMS and will be un-disclosed to the Source.
  • ARMStaffing reserves the right to modify or eliminate this program at their discretion.