Spring has officially sprung, and so begins one of the busiest times for travel healthcare!

If you are planning on taking a travel assignment this spring, there are a lot of things to take into account. There are the basic things, such as distance from home and pay package, of course. But don’t forget to take into account the extracurricular activities!

There are a plethora of fun springtime activities and festivals across the U.S. and you should certainly keep them in mind when searching for that perfect contract. Here are some of the top activities we found!

D.C. Cherry Blossoms

One of the most popular sightseeing spots in spring is the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. The iconic pink trees draw visitors from miles and miles away!

What’s even cooler is you’re not just seeing natural beauty; you’re also viewing history. Cherry blossoms are not indigenous to America and the ones on display in D.C. were a gift from Japan in 1912. The gift was meant as a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

Want to see them for yourself? While ARMS does not currently offer any contracts in the D.C. area proper, we have plenty of contracts in Virginia and Maryland. In general, the mid-Atlantic area is one of our most serviced regions!

Skagit Tulip Festival

For the entire month of April, you can enjoy the Skagit Tulip Festival in Washington state. Much like the D.C. cherry blossoms, the Skagit Tulip Festival offers beautiful views that can only be experienced this time of year. In this case, it’s a picturesque stretch of tulip fields, grown in a 15 mile area in Mount Vernon, WA.

The festival is a driving tour, allowing you to explore the area at your own leisure. Not only will you see beautiful tulip fields ripped out of a Dutch fairy tale, but you can stop for a drink at one of the breweries and wineries dotting the trail.

They need to be seen to be believed, so allow us to help you get there! The Pacific Northwest is home to many of our contracts, with availability in both Washington and Oregon.

Savannah Music Festival

Sure, it’s great to see the splendor of nature, but what if you’re looking for something a little less flower-y? Look no further than the Savannah Music Festival, a springtime music festival in the city of Savannah, GA.

A multiweek affair in one of the Southeast’s most beautiful cities, the festival brings in an eclectic range of musical acts to enjoy. Just spend a few hours here and you’ll realize it’s more than just a festival. It’s a celebration of the arts and their great importance to society.

This year’s dates are incredibly close, so don’t waste any time looking for our contracts in Georgia itself, or a little father away in Florida and South Carolina!

New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Hear ye, hear ye! If flowers and music doth not impress thee, perhaps a Renaissance Faire would be most agreeable for thou.

Okay, enough of that. In all seriousness, though, ren fairs are popular attractions across the country, and the Garden State is known for having one of the more extravagant.

Taking place from late May through early June, the New Jersey Renaissance Faire invites guests to step back into Medieval times. Aside from just being a fun jaunt through a themed fair, you can also see stage shows, live jousting and eat a worrying number of turkey legs.

If you’re looking for a contract close by, you’re in luck! The tri state area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York is local to ARMStaffing and has some of our highest paying contracts!

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