Enhancing your resume with certifications and specialty designations is a good idea in just about any career field. And in the world of travel nursing, it’s a fantastic way to not only give yourself a boost on paper but to advance your career.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of gaining additional certification and what certifications can help you in your journey as a travel nurse.

What’s the benefit of gaining additional certifications?

The main benefit of additional or advanced certification is obvious: it helps you be the best nurse that you can be. It will also open up doors for you to work in the most desired travel-nurse locations, and you’ll be more likely to secure placement in a wider variety of facilities — teaching hospitals or research facilities, for example. Additional certification might also give you the opportunity to enter a specific niche of healthcare that you’re interested in. And last but not least, it will let you command higher pay.

What certifications are great for travel nurses?

The truth is that almost any certification that’s good for nurses are good for travel nurses to have as well. Examples include:

AACN Certification – The American Association of Critical Care Nurses offers an AACN credential designed specifically for critical care nurses. It’s renewable after three years.

TNCC Certification – The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) offers a TNCC designation to boost knowledge and skills in trauma care.

Advanced Fetal Monitoring certification – The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) provides a one-day course for an Advanced Fetal Monitoring certificate.

American Heart Association’s stroke training – The AHA’s stroke training certification takes only two hours to complete and is recommended for all travel nurses.

General nursing certifications – EKG certification, IV certification, and Wound, Ostomy, and Continence nursing certifications can help travel nurses secure the most competitive placements.

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