Sherine Martin, BSN, RN has a newfound love for travel nursing. After always having thought of the many possibilities and journeys travel nursing could bring her, she decided to take the leap and become an ARMS nurse! 

About five years ago she made the switch from being Director of Medical Records to an RN. She attended Roxborough Memorial School of Nursing from 2017 – 2019 and earned her BSN. During her time in nursing school, she held the position of unit clerk and dedicated herself to working passionately in the medical field. All of her hard work paid off when she was offered a job as an ER nurse immediately after graduation from Roxborough Memorial! 

After a few years of being a staff nurse, she started to take interest in travel nursing. Sherine found her home with ARMS when a co-worker of hers threw out the idea of travel nursing and the culture here at ARMS. Fast forward, Sherine was connected with an ARMS recruiter and the rest was history.  

“It was perfect timing!” 

Sherine has a love for acute care and emergency services – after being in emergency medicine for two years she reflects how rewarding it is to be a nurse. 

“It’s a life experience, a change. I’ve developed so much,” “ER nursing to me is pushing to the limit, it helped me as a nurse.” 

Currently serving as a Medical-Surgical RN, she uses her sturdy background in emergency medicine to ensure that she is giving top-notch quality care to her patients 24/7. 

When Sherine swaps out her scrubs for sweats, she loves to hang out with her family.  

“I have a big family, I love to be with my family – my free time is accommodating with others – I am a busy individual!”  

Sherine recalls that the beauty in travel nursing for her is that she’s able to work on her own time, whatever best suits her life in that very moment, an accommodating yet demanding profession. 

“Travel nursing works for my lifestyle.”  

Our family here at ARMS wishes Sherine a career of fulfillment and endless happiness! 

Thank You to Our Nurses 

This year ARMStaffing is extra grateful for the superheroes in scrubs, for those who continue to deliver quality patient care, no matter what. To all of the nurses who enrich the lives of countless patients, families, and friends, this one’s for you. Thank you. 

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