We know you all have some interesting stories to share from your shifts, from haunted hallways to ghost children, we wanted to read them all! We asked you to submit your stories to us on Facebook and Instagram and here are a few that left us with goosebumps.

Encounters of a …small kind

It was my first travel assignment and I was working nights. Then, I did six nights in a row. Ooof. On one of my six-night stretches, I had a group of patients in rooms all right next to each other. Most of which had a history of dementia but some were completely oriented.

Throughout the night, one patient would complain of two children running around the hallway. Now, I didn’t pay much attention to it because this patient was disoriented. I reassured them that no children were going to hurt her in hopes she’d calm down. She progressively got more anxious and uneasy about these “kids” running around keeping her up. Then it became apparent to me that all of my patients had the same complaint… even the oriented ones.

A man who was completely intact cognitively described to me that he couldn’t sleep because a little boy and little girl kept giggling. Another patient asked me why kids were allowed to visit late at night. I walked up and down my hall and closed their doors in hopes they could get some rest. I’d walk a lap and no joke, these doors would open back up. I tried my best to reassure my patients that no kids were allowed on the unit, but all of my patients were up ALL NIGHT. It was extremely creepy. #hospitalspooks #nightshiftnightmares LOL

-Elizabeth A, RN

First comes ghosts and then comes…

Back in my nursing home days, I worked on the dementia unit. It wasn’t terribly uncommon for confused patients to see or hear things that weren’t there. Basically, it was fairly normal for them to tell very strange stories. Every once in a while multiple residents would start complaining about the ‘children’. They were being bothered by the children, or they were worried about the children, or they would be talking to and caring for the children.

We had 40 some residents on the floor and about 10-15 of them would talk about these children for 3-4 days. Then they would stop. The children were gone, and then death came. Usually an entirely unexpected death.

-Alexandra M, RN

Just a Friend!

Working at a small hospital (that unknown to me at the time was haunted) as the night shift supervisor… Went to the 3rd floor (closed unit) to do temperature logs and see someone walk across the hallway. Get down the hall to find them and there was no intersection. Literally watched “someone” walk out of one wall and into another! Ran back downstairs and into the maintenance guy who just laughed at me saying “I guess you met one of our friends?” That was the first of my many encounters. Luckily nothing bad just freaky.

-Sherri M, RN

The 9th Floor

I was once assigned to a level one trauma that was under construction. One night around 1 am I decided to take my lunch break. I pressed the first floor to get to the McDonalds there. Instead, the elevator stopped on the 9th floor. The doors opened up and it was a floor under construction. There were plastic sheets hanging everywhere and old hospital beds that looked like they were from the fifties all around. The lights were so dim I could barely see anything. I don’t know if there were windows open but the plastic sheets were swaying and I thought I saw someone in a hospital gown coming towards me. I pressed the close door button multiple times and I felt like the shadow or whatever it was kept coming towards me. It finally closed and I made it to the first floor.  I don’t know how I made it to the 9th floor but I never got lost in that hospital again after that.

-Rose S, RN

The Hall Walker

I was working the night shift in the monitor room and the unit we were attached to was closed for low census.  This means that the monitor room staff were the only ones on the whole floor.  I had to go pee, so I scanned my badge to get into the locker room.

I am in the bathroom and hear the locker room door open and close like someone came into the locker room.  I figured one of the other 2 girls was grabbing something from her locker when I heard a bunch of loud whispering.  I thought it was probably my one coworker that loved pranking people, so I quickly opened the door without flushing or washing thinking I might startle her.  THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!

I am not ashamed to say that I did not flush or wash my hands.  I ran back to the monitor room, used hand sani, and didn’t go pee again at work for a VERY long time.

There were a lot of other things that happened there.  There was a ghost that we referred to as the Hall Walker because he would just cross back and forth at the end of the hall.  Sometimes patients would complain about crying babies at night.  My experience scared the bejesus out of me.

-Nicole R, RN

Mysterious Call Lights

I am on assignment at a facility that is pretty old. It is known to have some “ghost” issues I’ve been told from local employees. Two things happened to me that I would love to share.

Tech asked me to accompany him to go to the floor that is closed because call lights in one unit were all on. Went on by themselves. Went up to the floor, walked through the unit, and went into each and every room to turn the call light off. One room had a wheelchair next to a bed…not occupied for a good year…with an indentation of a body on it. Interesting. As we finished turning the call bells off we checked the rest of the floor. Came back around to the unit I first visited…call bells all off but one in the corner. This was a CCU…maybe someone is lingering there …told them that they were ok to go…turned the light off again.

Was on an elevator with a pt and had to get off on a floor not used ….to take another elevator to the floor I needed to go to. Before the door opened to the floor that was not occupied, heard a bunch of people talking. Expected to see some residents when it opened….they may be sleeping on that floor, I thought. Door opened…no one there. Crazy stuff.

Do I believe in unsettled spirits? Yes. Seen them many times prior to these occurrences.

Happy Halloween!

-Belinda M, RN

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