Travel nursing assignments offer licensed clinicians a rare opportunity to explore different regions of the country with loved ones. While taking those closest to you on a 13-week adventure to a new city is exciting, immersing yourselves in a completely unfamiliar location can strain even the healthiest relationships.

Beyond the challenges of finding your collective groove in a new home environment, travel nurses must also keep up with the high demands of their professional environment as well; it’s easy to become overly consumed with work and forget to set aside enough time for the people you brought with you.

Tips for Connecting With Your Travel Companions on Assignment

If you’re taking a partner or children (or both) on your next travel nurse contract, it’s vital to carve out enough time to bond with each other during your time away. Go into your next travel nursing gig equipped with tips to connect with your loved ones and help use your 13-week assignment to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Get to Decorating

Yes, your travel nurse housing is only temporary. However, it’s still important to make your house feel like a home while you’re away. Make decorating your new space a family affair, letting everyone help arrange furniture, add personal accents, and display the belongings that make the interiors feel as warm, welcoming, and inviting as possible for everyone living there over the next several weeks.

Schedule Dates

Date nights are a crucial component of any relationship. However, for nurses, long hours and odd shifts can make it challenging to set aside consistent couple time. Make date night a priority during your weeks away. Not only will it give you an opportunity to spend time together outside of your travel nurse housing, but it’s also a great way to explore your new community with someone you love. Keep the romance alive with apps like Bouq  by sending your significant other a pre-date bouquet, and use OpenTable to help you secure reservations at the best restaurants in the area.

Be Tourists Together

Don’t miss out on the chance to embrace the local culture. Many travel nursing assignments are in bustling cities that offer a diverse range of attractions, activities, and community events. Customize your itinerary based on the ages and preferences of your crew. You can also rely on technology to personalize your adventure. Like a Local can help you be a tourist without all the tourist traps, and Groupon offers deals on sights, services, and amenities in your new location. Your chosen travel nurse staffing firm may also provide discounts on theme parks, spas, and museums as part of their benefits package.

Explore Nature

Even the busiest cities have designated parks, green spaces, and conservation lands. Check out the parks and recreation page of the city’s website to find places to hike, run, bike, or simply enjoy a picnic lunch together at some of the area’s most scenic outdoor spots.

Spend a Little Time Apart

Working a contract assignment with loved ones often means spending more time together than you normally would in your hometown, making it essential to schedule a little “me time” throughout your project. Book a spa appointment, find a yoga class, or take a stroll through your neighborhood on your own. Establishing a routine that includes at least a little alone time each week can help you genuinely appreciate the time you do spend together in your new location.

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