Travel contracts allow nurses the opportunity to earn highly-competitive pay, expand their skill sets, and explore the country while working at some of the most renowned healthcare facilities in the U.S. Best of all, travel assignments give nurses an opportunity to pursue professional adventures with those most important to us—including our four-legged loved ones.

Pet-Friendly Travel Nurse Jobs Can Help You Feel at Home on the Road

Bringing pets with you on assignment can be rewarding, both for you and for your furry family members. Traveling together can mitigate separation anxiety for your pets as well as reduce bouts of homesickness for you during your time away. However, taking your pets to a new city (or cities) can also be stressful for everyone involved. Before arriving at your next travel nurse job, consider these tips and suggestions to make the transition as safe and seamless as possible for your pet.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Communicate with your travel nurse recruiter as early as possible in your search that you plan on bringing your pet with you on assignment. While travel nurses typically find their own accommodations, an experienced recruiting professional may have insight on pet-friendly lodging close to your assignment facility. Procuring your housing well before your contract begins can help you find the right space to suit everyone’s needs.

Consider Your Travel Plans

Even pets who have traveled extensively can experience anxiety on the car or airplane ride to their new temporary home. Carefully consider several key components before you leave for your next adventure. If you’re driving, consider investing in a safety harness for the ride and book stays at pet-friendly hotels along the way. If you’re flying, you’ll want to review TSA restrictions and specific airline policies before you go.

Pack Favorite Items

We all have special belongings and keepsakes that instantly remind us of home; while packing up your must-have treasured items, consider what your pets would love to have with them for the next 13 weeks. A favorite toy, bed, or blanket in an unfamiliar environment can instantly help ease anxiety. You’ll also want to make sure you pack enough pet food—or at least have access to the brand your cat or dog prefers—to eliminate the risk of running out of their favorite meal while on the road.

Find a Local Vet

You’ll always want to make sure your cat or dog is up to date on all vaccinations before leaving on assignment. However, you should still identify a reputable veterinarian in the region. Your travel nurse recruiter may have suggestions on potential vets to consider. You can also look online for reviews and recommendations on reputable vets.

Hire a Pet Sitter

If you find your schedule consistently riddled with extensively long shifts over consecutive days, you may want to consider hiring a pet sitter or doggy daycare during your travel nurse contract. Pet sitters and doggy (or even kitty) daycares can socialize your pets, reduce anxiety, and burn off some much-needed energy during the day, helping your favorite critters more easily settle into your new home and sleep better each night.

Make Time for Your Pet

Travel nurse shifts can be long and tiring. Yes, most days, your first instinct will be to get home and relax. However, whenever possible, always try to make time to spend with your pets each day. Even just a few minutes playing with them and their favorite toy can help you both unwind and release the stresses of the day to keep you engaged, encouraged, and excited about what’s coming next on your travel nurse adventure together.

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