Travel nursing jobs offer licensed and certified healthcare professionals an unparalleled opportunity to jet set across the country, explore new cities, and deliver compassionate care to patients in diverse medical environments.

While it’s thrilling to both sightsee like a tourist and live like a local (all while expanding your skill sets and experience levels), travel nurse assignments can sometimes prove challenging for nurses who opt to pursue professional adventure alone. Living and working in an unfamiliar location without friends, family, and loved ones nearby can make it difficult to stay connected with those important to us, prompting a major case of homesickness when we least expect it.

Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for travel nurses to avoid feeling isolated when on assignment. Here are a few ways to maintain your personal relationships and make those that matter most feel like they are part of the experience while you’re on the road.

Create Your Video Call Schedule

Many travel nurses assume they can wing it when it comes to video calls. Unfortunately, life on assignment can get busy, making it harder to get in touch with those back home on the fly. Plan for success by creating at least a tentative schedule before you leave so everyone can leave that time available on the calendar each week. If you really want to be prepared to prioritize weekly video calls, consider using FaceTime or purchasing an Alexa Echo Spot to bring with you on your travel nursing assignment to make it easy to “drop in” during your designated time.

Get Social

Of course, there’s only so much information you can share over appointed video calls. It’s essential to stay connected with your inner circle consistently throughout each day as well. Social media and texting make it easy to keep up with what everyone has going on in their lives, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out. SnapChat a steady stream of photos during your time away or download WhatsApp for straightforward, secure messaging.

Plan a (Virtual) Date Night

The power of technology makes virtual date nights a fun way to keep the romance alive while you’re on the road. There are countless ways you can spend time together during your date. Plan and cook a meal together, watch a movie, or dine at the same time to enjoy some virtual quality couple time. Don’t forget to give your significant other a tour of your travel nurse housing so he or she can experience your new surroundings during your time together.

Send a Care Package

Typically loved ones will send traveling nurses care packages throughout the assignment to remind them of home. However, sending care packages to those back home can remind them of you. Put together some of your favorite discoveries of your assignment city, including regional coffees, local treats, and souvenirs to let them know that, no matter how far away you may be, you’re still thinking about them.

Book a Reunion

Nothing says you have to wait thirteen weeks before reuniting with your loved ones. Keep an eye on online travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, and Google for deep discounts on flights and other accommodations that make it easy for loved ones to come to you during your time away.

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