A Member of the ARMStaffing Team since 2010.

Dawn Kovach, BSN, RN has been serving quality patient care for those in need for over 18 years. With her many talents, she primarily specializes in MedSurg, Telemetry, LTAC, PCU, and Step Down – PCU, and Step Down being her all-time favorite nursing specialties. Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2002, Dawn decided to pursue travel nursing after hearing a radio advertisement. Hope Bender, Vice President and Co-Founder of ARMStaffing was Dawn’s first introduction to the industry – and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

“I have the best crew. ARMS can send you anywhere, I have options. I’m offered benefits that others can’t give. Mine and Hope’s sons have grown up together, it’s like a family. ARMS helps you, they get to know you. I can live.”

Dawn and Hope have been a dynamic duo for 18 years, from Hope placing Dawn on her very first travel assignment, to Dawn supporting Hope by continuing her nursing career with ARMStaffing when the agency debuted in 2010. She completes up to four assignments per year and loves the travel nurse life.

“All of my patients are so grateful, you learn different things when you go to different places. You get to see things, you get to go somewhere.”

Dawn cherishes every relationship she builds, her ability to relate and support the ones in her everyday life has been the ultimate key to her good intuition and kind heart. “That’s what makes a good travel nurse. We’re doing our best; we’re working for the patient, their families, to keep them together. To find the perfect solution, that takes good intuition.”

Year of the Nurse

2020 is proclaimed to be the ‘Year of the Nurse.’ For ARMStaffing, every year celebrates the hard-working nurses who take on the world. This year ARMStaffing is extra grateful for the superheroes in scrubs, for those who continue to deliver quality patient care, no matter what. Nurses just like Dawn, who wake up in the morning and dedicate themselves to those who need them the most.

To all of the nurses who enrich the lives of countless patients, families, and friends, this one’s for you. Thank you.

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