Our team would like to give Ashley Wirth, BSN, RN the warmest welcome to our ARMS family.

Ashley Wirth, BSN, RN has been such a bright addition to our amazing crew since she began her ARMS journey in December 2020! With her current assignment and being in the Poconos, Ashley naturally loves to live it up outdoors with her husband and two little girls!  

 “I have always had this nomad nurse to me,” “I keep moving around, which is why travel nursing is perfect for me.” 

Whether it be hiking, fishing, enjoying the beautiful lake, swimming, or just kickin’ back with her family – Ashley is able to fulfill the “nomad nurse” work to life balance.  

 “My kids are my pride and joy – they are my hobby!” 

Pursuing the medical field was second-nature to Ashley, with her parents being involved in volunteer firefighting, she soon found herself tagging along on fire calls, growing love for saving others. Before her nursing career, she was an ER tech – she always had a strong interest in the fast-paced needs of emergency medicine. Her passion for emergency medicine continued as she obtained her BSN and became an RN. She’s been an ER nurse for 11 years and absolutely loves the new and exciting opportunities travel nursing has brought her.  

 Ashley especially enjoys her current contract with ARMS because it’s the very first facility she had her first job at – she gets to see some of the familiar faces that inspired her to take on nursing and excel with her passions. She recalls interactions with doctors and nurses, “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be the nurse I am today.” 

 ARMStaffing is special to Ashley because of the great relationship she has with her recruiter, Sarah.  

 “My relationship with Sarah is super unique, and personable. She gets me, we just click.” 

 Ashley hopes to continue to channel her inner nomad nurse and take on new travel nurse journeys in many places – especially in New England and Alaska in the summertime! 

Thank you to our Nurses

This year ARMStaffing is extra grateful for the superheroes in scrubs, for those who continue to deliver quality patient care, no matter what. To all of the nurses who enrich the lives of countless patients, families, and friends, this one’s for you. Thank you. 

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