Most people know that travel nurses have the unique opportunity to explore new destinations across the U.S. while working at some of the most innovative and renowned facilities across the country – which is all true.

However, travel-nursing assignments offer licensed clinicians far more than a change of personal and professional scenery every 13 weeks. Many practitioners considering a contract project don’t yet realize that partnering with a qualified travel nursing staffing company offers unparalleled access to a diverse and dynamic range of benefits that enrich the entire work experience.

Travel Nursing Contracts Offer Several Unique Benefits

If you’re considering traveling nursing as your next potential career move, it’s essential to know some of the lesser-known rewards of this hiring model, particularly when it comes to the staffing firm you chose to help with your job search. Leading travel nurse staffing firms will offer:

Payment for Out-of-State-Licensing

Many clinicians assume that they are ineligible for contracts in a specific state due to licensing. However, a reputable traveling nurse recruiting company will pay for out-of-state licensure, instantly increasing the number of opportunities you’re qualified for.

Local Jobs

Think that you have to commute at least 50 miles away from home for your gig to qualify as a traveling nurse project? Guess again. IRS Publication 463 outlines the specific requirements needed to be eligible as a traveler – and there’s no mention of exact mileage. A professional agency will have an extensive network across the country, including hiring contacts in your personal neck of woods to help you tap into the advantages of travel nursing without having to change time zones or even area codes.

Robust Benefits Package

Reputable traveling nurse recruiters don’t want to place you on a single contract – they want to place you on multiple contracts. A team that strives to establish long-term professional partnerships will offer a robust benefits package that may include:

  • Personal insurance discounts
  • Allowances and reimbursements
  • Resume services and job search tips
  • Training sessions
  • Available health benefits
  • 401K company matching

Leading staffing firms will also provide group discounts on attractions, events, and activities close to your travel-nursing contract so that you can better immerse yourself in the local culture.

Referral Bonuses

Many prospective travel nurses are surprised to learn that they can earn money even when they aren’t on contract. When considering potential staffing firms, always ask about their referral bonus program. Innovative recruiting teams will offer no-limit on the number of people in your network you can refer for jobs. Your contacts could potentially find their next project, and you’ll get a cash bonus simply for being a great friend.

Completion Bonuses

Some traveling nurse recruiters will even reward you simply for being a great employee by offering completion bonuses at the end of contract assignments that meet specific criteria. Additionally, experienced recruiters will also consult with you and your host facility to gauge the possibility to extend your contract, or even potentially go perm.

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