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Kala W., ARMStaffing travel nurse, always had a personal drive and a clear calling for the nursing profession. Growing up as the youngest child to older parents, she faced the challenges of caring for aging loved ones early in life. “I had to step up and play a big role,” she reflects, as her path into nursing was paved with personal caregiving experiences.

Her academic journey began at Trocaire, progressing from LPN to RN while balancing the demands of motherhood. “My daughter was only two months old when I went back to school,” she shares. This determination only grew stronger when the pandemic hit, compelling her and her nurse friends to advance their education amidst the chaos, fueled by a collective spirit. “We have an army, and we are together.”

Being a part of the ARMS family 

Her career has since taken her into critical care and travel nursing, where she’s become a pillar of support and expertise. “I’m in charge most of my shifts,” she states proudly. Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, as colleagues and patients alike recognize her exceptional care. One patient even nominated her for a Stars Award, thanking her for the comfort and safety she provided during their hospital stay.

Despite the intense demands of her profession, she remains family-oriented, always ready to travel if her family needs her. ARMStaffing plays a critical role in providing the flexibility she needs to care for her loved ones. “That’s what keeps me going,” she says with unwavering resolve.

Her story is not just about the hurdles faced but also about the joys along the way. She is celebrating her birthday with sports events—a personal passion—and the heartfelt gratitude for the recognition received.

As for personal interests, Kala laughs about not having time for books. Instead, she invests herself in her family and her quest to learn Spanish alongside her children. She credits her husband as the “glue” holding it all together, appreciating his support in every aspect of her hectic life.

Kala’s narrative is more than a story; it’s a testament to the spirit of nursing and the profound impact of healthcare professionals.  The journey of this travel nurse, as shared with ARMStaffing, is an inspiring tale of perseverance, compassion, and unwavering commitment.

Thank you for all you do, Kala!


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