ARMS Nurse Jose, RN, felt travel nursing was his true calling in life. It was then Jose left his career in commercial printing and went back to school while his kids were still young to bring this dream to fruition. Then, Jose got his bachelor’s degree from Aspen University. At the moment, he is continuing to further his education by attending school for his master’s degree.  

Jose comes from a long line of nurses in the family and his compassionate and empathetic traits help him thrive in the field. At the start, Jose felt particularly at home in the MedSurg department but wasn’t content with his facility. “It’s very challenging,” he said, “but because of the high ratios I didn’t feel like I was actually performing as a nurse.”  

It was then he was contacted by Brianna at ARMStaffing.  

Taking the Leap into Travel Nursing 

Shortly after Jose made the leap back into MedSurg, Brianna gave him a call to discuss different positions. Just like that his travel career with ARMStaffing began! His first travel nursing assignment was working in Morristown Medical Center and he was relieved to find a place that felt right for him.  I’m in Morristown Medical Center,” he explained, “which is a very nice facility. The nice thing about travel is you can experience that with every hospital, every facility, it’s a culture. Each facility has their own culture and subcultures within that culture, and you get to meet a lot of people.”  

Jose feels his career has flourished since starting to travel. He believes he is now making the difference in people’s lives that he had always wanted to. Now, Jose has the time to get to know his patients and provide them with the care that they deserve.  

“You get to meet different patients with different issues, different families,” he said. “And that’s one of the things that I really enjoy, is to be able to build these meaningful relationships with patients and families, to show them that as a nurse, I really care, that I am empathetic, that I’m compassionate.” 

Making a Difference

Jose has always been dedicated to impacting people’s lives for the better. “I wanted to have that experience of being able to go different places and make a difference,” he recounted. “I’m very passionate about nursing and I love what I do and whether I’m staff, travel or whatever, I will always give it 120%. I love the fact that every day when I go to work a shift, I feel like I’m there for a reason, that I’m needed and that I have something to give that day to the people that I’m going to take care of.” 

Being a part of the ARMS family 

Jose, graciously, had a lot to say about working with ARMS! 

I just want to say I’m very thankful,” he began. “You guys have been great. Bree has been amazing. We’re in constant contact. She’s always checking up on me. She’s always asking me, is everything okay? Do you need anything? She’s very responsive. Anytime I have a question, or I text her, she answers right away.  

“And I really like that because I’ve talked to other travelers,” he continued, “and they’re like, oh, I try to contact my recruiter, and it’s like, it’s been two weeks. It really means a lot. And it’s been a great experience working with you guys.”  

We are so thankful to have Jose on our team and look forward to the positive impact he has on the travel nursing community in the future! 

All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Jose’s favorites. 

Movie: Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas 

Book: The Art of Loving 

Color: Blue 


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