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When Taelor was younger, she dreamt of being a writer, her sights set on a journalism career. But life had different plans. Influenced by her father, a nurse himself, she took an introductory healthcare class in high school, and from there, her path took a significant turn. This is the story of Taelor, our travel nurse spotlight, whose journey with ARMStaffing has been marked by determination, passion, and adaptability.

Though her initial interest was in writing, her father’s encouragement led Taelor to explore the healthcare field. “I took an intro to healthcare class in high school and really liked it,” she recalled. This shift in interest prompted her to pursue nursing seriously. During high school, Taelor participated in medical club activities and mini clinicals, which cemented her interest in emergency nursing.

After nursing school, Taelor’s career began on a MedSurg floor, which was not by choice but due to limited job offers. However, fate intervened when the emergency department nurse manager noticed her potential while covering for her MedSurg manager. This chance encounter led to Taelor being ‘poached’ into the emergency department, where she truly felt at home.

Taking the Leap into Travel Healthcare

The decision to transition into travel nursing wasn’t made overnight. A combination of a love for travel and a faltering hospital system pushed her toward this career path. “I had a plan, a career plan, and at some point, I knew I wanted to do travel nursing,” she explained. The decline of the hospitals she worked at, one of which closed while the other faced constant scrutiny, cemented her decision. “I knew I had to get out before it was too late,” she said, reflecting on the unstable conditions that spurred her move. This decision marked the beginning of her journey with ARMStaffing.

Navigating the ‘New Normal’

After her first hospital closed, she started talking to a recruiter. This culminated in securing her first ever travel nursing contract the following October. This transition into travel nursing came at a time when the healthcare system was stabilizing post-pandemic. While many nurses struggled with the normalization of rates, she didn’t feel the pinch as she had never experienced the pandemic pay scales. “I’m still making more than I made as a staff nurse,” she divulged, though emphasizing that the experience and opportunity to travel were her primary motivations.

That being said, while securing her first contract was straightforward, the second proved more challenging, showcasing another side of the ever normalizing market. “We had to throw more lines out before somebody actually was interested,” Taelor admitted. The experience taught her the importance of persistence and staying in close contact with her recruiter. “I would check the ARMStaffing App daily and kept in contact with my recruiter, who was proactive in finding opportunities for me,” she explained.

Being a part of the ARMS family 

Taelor stated her experience with ARMStaffing has been overwhelmingly positive. She appreciates the intimate feel of the company and the personal attention she receives. “It doesn’t feel like a business exchange,” she said, contrasting it with potential experiences at larger recruiting companies. “I’ve had a really good experience. I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

With a love for traveling, Taelor’s assignments have taken her to interesting places. She started in the lower Keys, just outside Key West, which she found incredibly cool. Currently, she’s based in Hickory, North Carolina, enjoying the scenic foothills of western North Carolina.

Her journey from aspiring journalist to dedicated ER nurse and now a travel nurse with ARMStaffing is a testament to the unexpected paths life can take. With a blend of encouragement from family, adaptability, and a love for new experiences, she has crafted a rewarding career that continues to take her to new and exciting places. Her story is an inspiring example of how embracing change can lead to a fulfilling career path!

Way to go Taelor!


All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Taelor’s favorites.     

Movie: Twilight

Color: Green

Hobbies: Hiking


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