#ARMS Travel Nurse Story 

In the dynamic world of healthcare, Sydney stands out as a beacon of flexibility and dedication. As a travel nurse employed by ARMStaffing, her journey shows the essence of adaptability, resilience, and passion for patient care.

Sydney’s career trajectory began with a simple yet heartfelt desire to help others. Reflecting on her career choice, she confessed, “I knew I wanted to do something that involved working with people.” Her initial uncertainty evolved into a profound realization that nursing offered her the hands-on interaction she craved.

Transitioning from a nursing assistant to a nurse, Sydney found her niche in step-down care, a decision rooted in her desire for a balanced workload. “I knew what I wanted to do,” she explained, “I didn’t want to do ICU, but I didn’t want to work Med Surg. So, I did step down since the beginning.” Her clarity of purpose paved the way for her transition into the world of travel nursing.


Taking the Leap into Travel Healthcare

Sydney’s journey has been filled with adventures, each location offering unique experiences and challenges. From North Carolina to Erie, Pennsylvania, her decisions were guided not just by assignments but also by personal circumstances. “It’s honestly kind of been based on location so far,” she shared, highlighting the intertwining of her professional and personal life.

Embracing the transience of her career, Sydney cherishes the freedom it affords her. “I like how low commitment the job is,” she remarked. This flexibility allowed her to forge meaningful connections with colleagues and communities, despite the temporary nature of her assignments. “It’s like I really have become close friends with people,” she fondly recalled, “the staff nurses there have invited me when they go and get drinks.”

Navigating the ‘New Normal’

Navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and travel rates beginning to normalize, Sydney found solace and stability in her role as a travel nurse. “I never did traveling before or during Covid.” she reflects. Despite the uncertainties, she acknowledges the financial benefits and opportunities for growth that her profession provides. “I was recently a staff nurse and traveling is still a lot better paying than staff, it’s like doubled. It’s kind of life changing.”


Being a part of the ARMS family 

Sydney’s positive experience with ARMStaffing shows the importance of supportive employment agencies in the travel nursing industry. “It’s been super good so far. I’ve had no complaints,” she affirmed. From seamless assistance to a robust benefits packages, ARMStaffing has been dedicated to facilitating Sydney’s nursing journey. “I have a 401K, which is really nice,” Sydney divulged.

As Sydney continues her odyssey as a travel nurse, she remains steadfast in her commitment to delivering exemplary patient care and embracing new opportunities with an open heart. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring nurses and a testament to the transformative power of flexibility and determination in the healthcare profession.

Thank you for all you do, Sydney!


All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Sydney’s favorites.     

Movie: Step Brothers

Color: Purple

Hobbies: Hiking & Traveling


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