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We had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Brandon, who has been with ARMStaffing for 4 years now, about his time as a travel nurse. We learned about his unique entry into the field, the challenges he’s faced in a pandemic and post-pandemic industry, the best balsamic vinegar he’s ever had, his plans for the future, and more!

Taking the Leap into Travel Healthcare

Brandon’s career trajectory was unorthodox. He confessed, “I never actually dreamt about being a nurse.” His academic pursuits began in biochemistry, and his early professional years were spent as a paramedic. Only later did he transition to nursing, thanks to a specialized program for paramedics.

The year 2020 marked a significant pivot in his career as he embraced travel nursing amidst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We were washing our N95s in hydrogen peroxide at work,” Brandon recalled, referencing the surreal and unhealthy workplace practices at the time.  When faced with the new healthcare climate, he decided, “I’ll go somewhere else.” This led him to explore various agencies, eventually leading to ARMStaffing. “I had a traveler at my hospital that was like, I work with ARMStaffing…They’re local and direct. I could talk to someone at ARMS in Pennsylvania and not somebody in Wisconsin,” he said, referencing our close proximity to him.

One of Brandon’s favorite parts of travel nursing is the constant change of pace. “I love change…getting to, like, every three months move around, do something different.” He described his stint in Hackensack, New Jersey, as “challenging,” due to rations, but that didn’t dampen his spirit. Instead, it allowed him to experience Manhattan’s vibrant city life, where he could “go catch a couple of Broadway shows and get dinner in the city” on his days off.

Navigating the ‘New Normal’

Brandon touched on his experience from travel nursing in the height of a pandemic, to traveling in a normalizing industry. “During COVID, I made a lot,” he said, “I was working six, seven days a week, 16-hour days if I was allowed to.” This financial boom allowed him to invest wisely and set himself up for the future. “It was a bit of a financial hit after the rates dropped, but I also knew it wasn’t going to last forever,” he recounted. “I took advantage of it when I could and invested that money. I bought a second house, I got an electric car and solar panels, a bunch of things that would set me up financially.”

That hasn’t stopped Brandon’s global excursions and ability to travel, though. Brandon spent his 30th birthday in Europe, where he indulged in authentic experiences, like visiting a local who made balsamic vinegar in Modena (“The best $30 I ever spent my entire life,” he noted). Thanks to the flexibility of his assignments, he was able to experience a plethora of cultures.

Looking ahead, Brandon shared his academic aspirations, revealing, “I am currently finishing my nurse practitioner degree.” It marks a big step towards his long-term goal of attending medical school. Travel nursing is not just a job but a stepping stone that allows him to travel the world, and get his finances in order.

Being a part of the ARMS family 

The support he received from ARMStaffing was crucial, especially when addressing financial questions. “My recruiter, Mary, was on the phone with me for over an hour,” helping Brandon navigate his tax concerns. Even for smaller issues, like discrepancies in his paycheck, ARMStaffing’s responsiveness stood out. “It’s, like, always taken care of immediately,” he added.

Brandon’s story provides a firsthand perspective on the life of a travel nurse: the transitions, the challenges, and the diverse experiences. Through his words, we get a glimpse into a profession that’s as much about personal growth as it is about providing care.

Thank you for all you do, Brandon!

All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Brandon’s favorites.     

Movie: For Richer or Poorer

Color: Peach

Hobbies: Traveling and Cooking


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