Did you know that travel nursing isn’t the only form of travel healthcare? If you are a Radiologist, Respiratory Therapist, or work in another area of Allied Healthcare, you have opportunities to travel as well! 

How does traveling as an Allied Health professional work?

The process of traveling as an Allied Health professional is essentially the same as a travel nurse. It’s all contract based, which means you can pick an assignment that fits your length, location and pay preferences.  

If you take an assignment at a facility which is 50 or more miles from your permanent address, that assignment qualifies as a ‘travel contract’! This means you’ll get the same benefits and perks as a travel nurse.  

What are the advantages of a travel contract?

There are a handful of benefits of traveling as an Allied Health professional compared to working in a staff position.  

There are financial benefits to it, such as increased pay rates, tax-free stipends and housing per diems. There’s also the flexibility that traveling gives you, allowing you to pick what, where, and when you want to work. Don’t forget the adventurous benefits of taking on a travel contract, considering you have the chance to explore the United States as part of your job! 

We recently posted an article about the advantages of travel nursing and, honestly, those same benefits apply here too!

What sort of Allied Health modalities can travel?

Travel contracts are available to a wide range of Allied Health modalities. At ARMStaffing, we staff respiratory therapists, surgical techs, sterile processing techs, and more!

A great way to check if we staff your modality is to view our job board. You can view all the modalities we have on offer, in addition to what jobs are currently available for them.

How can you work with ARMStaffing as an Allied Health professional?

If you’re an Allied Health professional interested in the world of travel healthcare, we would love to connect with you!

All you need to do is apply through this form, and we’ll have a recruiter reach out to you. From there, our recruiter can help find the perfect contract for you.

We’ve already connected a number of Allied Health Professionals with high-paying contracts. Reach out and you can be the next!

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