The days are getting shorter. Trees are becoming kaleidoscopes of oranges, yellows, and browns. A perpetual smoky smell lingers in the air. 

It’s official. Fall is here! 

As a travel nurse, you’re presented with the unique opportunity to experience different parts of the U.S. and what they have to offer. So, what are some fun Fall activities that are sprinkled throughout the country? Read on and see what you can find near YOUR travel assignment! 

Pumpkin Patches

Perhaps no fruit is more associated with Fall than the humble pumpkin (yes, technically it’s a fruit). Pumpkin patches open for business across the U.S. during Fall and they are a great way to spend the afternoon. Head to the patch to pick up your own pumpkins, which can then be transformed into jack-o-lanterns for the spooooky weeks of Fall.  

Many patches offer other things to do besides just picking pumpkins. Activities like pumpkin pie eating competitions (calories don’t count if it’s a competition, right?), hayrides and petting zoos are included in a lot of locations.  

Apple Picking 

If pumpkins are the number one fruit you think of when Fall rolls around, apples are likely a very close second. Many orchards are at their busiest this time of year, with the harvest beginning for newly ripe apples.  

If you go to an orchard, expect to fill a bag to your heart’s content with apples you freshly pick yourself. Many orchards include a wide range of apple types, ranging from the reliable Red Delicious, the sweet Gala or the tart Granny Smith, meaning you’ll be able to pick a wide variety for tastes of all kinds! Don’t forget to grab some apple cider, a refreshing drink that orchards often sell on site.  

Corn Maze sign pointing towards a field of corn

Corn Mazes 

You can certainly find corn mazes at both pumpkin patches and apple orchards, but there are some corn mazes that are so grand that they’re an attraction all by themselves! While some mazes are simple Point A to Point B affairs, the bigger ones often offer riddles and scavenger hunts within the labyrinth. Themed corn mazes are also common, and some have a-maize-ing bird’s eye view photos, revealing elaborate shapes cut into the fields.  

Football Games 

Summer is the season of baseball. But Fall? That’s the season of football! No matter where your travel assignment is, you can probably find tickets to a football game near you. Whether you want to go to a college football game to experience the electric atmosphere of campus grounds on Saturday or you want to immerse yourself in the titanic scope of an NFL game on Sunday, your appetite for this gladiatorial sport can be satisfied wherever you are! 

Pumpkins in a wagon during a fall festival

Fall Festivals

When Fall arrives, so too do the Fall Festivals! All over the country you can find Fall-themed festivals underway, whether that’s the month-long Autumn in the Arboretum in Dallas, Texas or the Circleville Pumpkin Show in Circleville, Ohio. These festivals are bursting with Fall colors, Fall themed food and an often absurd amount of pumpkins. If you search in your area for a Fall festival, you’re almost guaranteed to find one nearby

The United States is an especially vibrant, beautiful country in the Fall. See all it has to offer by joining our team and getting a travel assignment today! 

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