When ARMS Nurse Beth BSN, RN, needed a change of pace, she leaped into travel nursing with her family’s best interest at heart.

After graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with her nursing degree, Beth started as a staff nurse right out of school. She remained a staff nurse through her first year and gained enough experience to qualify for travel nurse opportunities.

After a few unfortunate incidents and no maternity leave following the birth of her first child, Beth knew it was time for a change.

“I remember realizing, “Oh wow, I don’t think I want to work for a hospital.”

When she was ready to work again, she called ARMStaffing.

Taking the Leap into Travel Nursing

When Beth called ARMStaffing, she began her first travel nurse assignment in Dubois, PA, and it was a breath of fresh air compared to her staff position.

“The nurses on that floor were so helpful and taught me so much. I also made sure that I was constantly asking questions. I am still always asking questions. It’s the only way you grow, meet new people, nurses, doctors, and new ways of doing things!”

Beth says she learned more on her first assignment than she did her first year of nursing, allowing her to quickly gain experience, strengthen her skills as a nurse, and grow her resume.

“My first assignment was all about learning how to learn. How to be independent but also always open for instruction & direction.”

Making the Most of the Experience

Beth’s family is full of love and light with her husband, two daughters, Maeli Ann and Madilynn Olivia, their golden retriever Daisy, and sphynx cat Tucker.

Today, Beth and her family reside in North Carolina. After realizing she and her family needed a change, they set their sights on a new place to call home. After searching for a bit, everything eventually fell into place, and they moved from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas.

“I had let my recruiter, Jess, know that we were going to up and move our lives, and she was ready to find me whatever I needed. She was so supportive and pumped for us! Once we found a house to move into, Jess had a contract lined up as soon as I was ready to get started.”

Being a travel nurse with kids was never out of the question for Beth. She says the financial security of being a travel nurse is fantastic. Without a doubt, wherever she goes, she knows ARMS will find her an assignment.

Having that security allows her to do what she and her family love most, explore!

“I get my three 12s done, and off we go!”

Of course, a common theme with being a travel nurse is traveling! Exploring your new home (whether it’s close or far from your actual home!) is a great way to unwind and spend time with your family while on assignment. Beth and her family love exploring their new hometown in North Carolina. From hiking to gardening, parks to zoos, her days off are filled with memories and excitement that will last a lifetime.

All About You

When it comes to your assignment, the possibilities are endless! Whichever shift, location, distance, or even facility you prefer, a travel nurse agency can make it happen for you. You are in charge of what type of assignment you take.

The freedom is a bonus; if you want to take a month off in-between contracts, you can! Any time off requests are approved ahead of time and guaranteed in your contract—no more swapping shifts or begging someone to work your weekend for you.

Putting you and your Family First

While the decision can be scary, finding a travel nurse recruiter who understands your situation and wants the best for you and your family is important.

“That’s the difference being a travel nurse. It’s not about the hospital’s needs anymore; it’s about you.”

Beth leaves some short and simple advice for any nurse considering travel.


“Drop the “9-5″ lifestyle and take control of your career! Make the money you deserve while going where you want!”

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**Photos provided by Beth and taken by Jill Gearhart Photography**

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