Meal prepping can be challenging for some. Finding the time to create meals for the week can be hard, especially for nurses. However, taking the time to prep your meals for upcoming shifts can help your workdays tremendously.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be boring salads or bland chicken and veggies, be sure to try new things and mix it up often! Here are some of our favorite meal prep recipes we think you’ll love

Turkey and Sweet Potato Crockpot Chili

Let’s be honest, anything you can throw into one pot to cook is an A+ in our book! This Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili is super easy to throw together and is a delicious filling lunch, all made right in the crockpot! Throw everything in the day before and portion out for your upcoming shifts!

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Easy Pesto Chicken and Vegetables

Pesto Chicken and Vegetables is an easy meal and a great lighter option for the week. Substitute your favorite veggies for a healthy meal that’ll keep you going all day long. Pair it together with a salad or toss with some pasta for a more filling lunch.

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Vegetarian Burrito Bowls

Sometimes simple is best! These vegetarian burrito bowls are filling, full of flavor, and customizable! Make them vegan or add in your favorite protein for a lunch you’ll never get tired of.

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If you’ve never meal prepped before the recipes above are great starters! Keep in mind what type of meals you buy on your lunch and try to re-create them at home! Some people don’t like the thought of eating the same meal 3-4 days in a row, but there’s no harm in preparing 2 or 3 different meals for the week!

In the end, you’ll save money, be more inclined to eat your lunch, and feel better knowing you have a filling healthy meal on hand for your shift.


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