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Before becoming a surgical technologist, Gabriel had a background in construction management. His career path took an unexpected turn when his brother, a decade his senior, retired, coinciding with the loss of a parent.  “My family and my mother needed help. And I just wanted to give back.” He recounted.  

Upon reaching his late forties, Gabriel’s desire to contribute to the medical field persisted. It was then that his niece, a surgical technologist, introduced him to the field. The allure of being a surgical technologist prompted Gabriel’s return to school and marked the beginning of his journey in the medical field. 

Taking the Leap into Travel Healthcare 

Having established a decade-long career in surgical technology, circumstances led Gabriel to explore new horizons. Working staff at a local hospital, changes in the staffing dynamics prompted his shift to travel. The reduction in overtime, a critical income source, made the transition a necessity rather than a choice.  

Despite the initial reluctance, Gabriel felt traveling was a very fulfilling career path.  “I found that I really enjoyed it [traveling], actually,” he admitted. “So, I’ve kind of been doing that now. I think I’m coming up on like six or seven years now,”  

The diversity of surgical cases, collaboration with different medical professionals, and the dynamic nature of assignments brought a new level of satisfaction to Gabriel’s career. He referred to his past career in construction management and how there are some similarities in the healthcare field. “It’s interesting,” he said, “because surgical technology, when you get into orthopedics, is construction but in the human body.” 

Being a part of the ARMS family 

ARMS played a pivotal role in shaping Gabriel’s recent professional experiences. Damarys, his recruiter, stood out with her personal and attentive approach. “A lot of times I get headhunted, almost every day,” Gabriel explained. “Damarys was different. She kept contact. It wasn’t automated, it was personal contact and I liked that. So, I absolutely called her when I was ready to make, you know, to get back in.”  

Despite a brief hiatus due to personal health issues, the reconnection with ARMS has been nothing short of excellent. “I get offers right away. When I had to produce information, it was easy to. If I wanted to I could just run it by the office. I like that ARMS is local to me, you know? So yeah, it has been a great experience for me.”  

As Gabriel navigates his current assignment in Camden, New Jersey, he reflects on the unexpected turns in his career. From construction management to surgical technology and now to travel healthcare, each phase has contributed to his growth and fulfillment. The blend of technical skill, medical knowledge, and the joy of exploring new places makes this chapter of his professional life both unique and rewarding. 

We love having you on the team, Gabriel!


All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Gabriel’s favorites.     

Movie: The Godfather Part II 

Color: Green 

Book: The Bible 

Hobbies: Attending Live Sports Games 


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