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Travel Nurse Spotlight, Cheyenne, has always dreamt of a career in nursing began since childhood. Her path was later confirmed when she witnessed the care provided to her great-grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. “We took care of her at home until she passed away,” Cheyenne recalls. “When nurses came to the house, I realized I definitely wanted to be a nurse one day.”

Her interest in psychiatric nursing developed during her teenage years, influenced by her stepfather’s struggle with mental health. “He battled these issues his entire life. This experience led me to the psych path,” Cheyenne explains. Despite the initial resistance from others who encouraged a medical focus, Cheyenne remained committed to psychiatric nursing. She has now been in the field for five years and is pursuing her nurse practitioner certification, with just a year left of school.

Cheyenne’s dedication to behavioral health stems from a deep sense of empathy and understanding. “I feel like I can relate to my patients because it could happen to any of us. It helps to relate to what they’re going through and their family members,” she says. Her passion for the field is evident in her refusal to consider any other specialty. “I went straight to psych and stayed there.”

Taking the Leap into Travel Healthcare

In August of the previous year, Cheyenne began her journey as a travel nurse with ARMStaffing. Initially burnt out from her job in New Jersey, she saw travel nursing as a much-needed escape. “I was so burnt out and saw ARMStaffing as my way out,” she admits. Her first contract took her to Clifton Springs in upstate New York, a move many deemed risky. “Everyone said I was crazy, but I did it. It was the first time I had been alone, and it was an amazing experience. I learned so much about myself.”

The positive impact of her travel nursing experiences is palpable. “The facility revived my nursing motivation. It showed me that the environment you work in makes a huge difference,” Cheyenne states. Despite her current limitations due to school, which restrict her travel to surrounding states, she looks forward to more travel opportunities once she completes her nurse practitioner certification.

Being a part of the ARMS family 

“The difference with ARMStaffing is that it’s more genuine. You can tell how much work and care is put in for the nurses, and it’s truly appreciated,” she says. The flexibility of travel nursing has also allowed her to take breaks between assignments and pursue personal interests, such as horseback riding.

Cheyenne’s journey as a passionate psychiatric nurse illustrates the power of personal experiences in shaping career paths. Her story highlights the critical role of supportive staffing agencies like ARMStaffing in providing opportunities for growth and renewal in the nursing profession.

Great job making a difference, Cheyenne!


All About You 

Here comes the lightning round – All of Cheyennes’s favorites.     

Movie: Grease

Color: Pink and Yellow

Hobbies: Comedy Shows and anything by the water


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