At ARMStaffing, we’re always looking to upgrade and improve our nurses’ processes to become travel nurses. Recently, we’ve updated our systems, giving you access to the new LEAP portal 

Your Labor Edge Applicant Portal or “LEAP” portal is your new dashboard that stores all your information and documents in one place. This dashboard can be easily accessed and used on any device (Plus, we have an app coming soon!). Your LEAP portal gives you more access than ever before.

Check out a few of our favorite features you’ll find right on your dashboard. 

Sort by Pay Packages and 1 Click-Apply  

We all know what’s most important when you’re considering an assignment. You can now sort our open contracts by pay package within your dashboard and on our LEAP job board.  

Your recommended jobs will automatically be sorted by pay package on your dashboard, displaying highest to lowest. If you’re searching on our job board, simply navigate to the 2nd row and click on “Pay Rate” to sort by pay package.   

Applying to these positions has never been easier. You can now 1-Click apply while signed in to your LEAP account. Quickly apply to jobs that match your preferences for the best chance at getting that offer! Your recruiter will be alerted that you applied and will connect with you to start or finish the application process.   

Keep track of your Credentialing Documents and Progress 

On your LEAP dashboard, you’ll find a progress bar labeled “Profile Status,” this shows how complete your LEAP profile is. It’s essential to keep your profile updated and as complete as possible to streamline the application process.  

If you were a nurse with us previously, your information has been transferred into your new LEAP account. 

Your profile status will allow you to track your credentialing progress and see which tasks you need to complete. The documents tab will store all of your credentialing documents, such as licenses, certifications, and references.  

Having your progress and documents all within your LEAP portal allows you to keep track of your progress and keep what’s most important all in one place.  

Quickly Access Your Information Anywhere! 

As we mentioned previously, your LEAP portal gives you more access than ever before, and that also means it’s easier than ever to navigate and use on your tablet or mobile device. 

Quickly check your progress whenever, wherever to stay on top of your travel nurse journey.   

Sign up or log in to your LEAP account today!

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