Black Friday is mere days away! The internet will be bursting at the seams with deals and a lot of them will be perfect for travel nurses.

It’ll be easy to get overwhelmed, so we wanted to lend a helping hand by compiling some of the best Black Friday deals for nurses we could find!


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Scrubs are a daily need for nurses, so getting a batch at a discount is a dream come true. What better time for said discount than Black Friday?

Take a look at some deals from Jaanuu and FIGS to restock your scrub wardrobe.


Once the punchline of shoe fashion, Crocs have become the go-to choice for foot comfort. In a job where you’re constantly on your feet like nursing, it’s never a bad idea to snag a pair at a decent price.

Check out this Amazon sale on Crocs for some new footwear.

Foot Massager

If the Crocs weren’t enough to stave off aching feet, check out this foot massager. In addition to providing much needed foot relief, it also can transform into a back massager.

Your sore body will thank you!

Suitcase Set

As a travel nurse, luggage is an unfortunately necessary evil. If you’re looking to upgrade your current suitcase set, look no further than this Amazon deal.

Three sleek suitcases at that price? Yes, please!


We hope you find these deals useful! If you’re not a travel nurse, what are you waiting for!? Click here to apply now so all these deals can be put to good use in a travel nursing career!

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