Adrienne Babbitt Senior HealthCare Recruiter (610) 467-9520

Joined the ARMStaffing team in 2014

I find qualified RNs the positions they are seeking, no matter their driving force (for instance:  shift they prefer, salary preference, distance from home, or some combination in between that will create their perfect opportunity).  I take my direction from them, and then make it happen!  I also won ARMStaffing’s Outstanding Employee of the Year Award (2018).

A lot of the RNs I work with have been working with me for years already; which means they have become my friends, and even like family to me.  I will do anything for my family, even if it may seem impossible or improbable.  I’ll always ask for what they want/need, even if it seems out of the realm of possibility.  Because you truly never know unless you ask, and sometimes it just takes that little extra push – that squeaky wheel (a.k.a. ME!) – to get the “Yes” they’re looking for.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t talk about it, BE about it!” – Bob Burns

Favorite Movies: