Should You Accept a Request on LinkedIn from a Recruiter?

You log into your LinkedIn profile and see that you have a new connection request pending. It’s a recruiter. Do you accept? And if you do, what consequences might that have?

The answer is usually yes, you should accept the request. Let’s dive into this topic in more detail.

Does accepting tell my boss that I’m looking for a new job?

One of the primary concerns that employees have about accepting connections from recruiters on LinkedIn is that it could signal to your coworkers or your boss that you’re looking for a new job. And if you don’t want those people to know you’re in the market for a new position, the cat might come out of the bag thanks to your acceptance. It really depends on the company culture where you work—if you’re connected with your boss on LinkedIn and you think they might see you connecting with recruiters and become upset, you don’t have to accept the request. Otherwise, it can’t hurt.

What about privacy settings?

In your profile’s privacy settings under “Connections Browse”, you can change the ability for the people you’re connected with to view your connections list. Select “not allowed” and your boss won’t be able to see the recruiter in your list. But be aware that the recruiter can still come up in searches; there isn’t a way to avoid that.

What’s the upside?

Unless you have a boss or coworkers who might become upset if they realize you’re looking for another job, it’s a good idea to accept that connection from a recruiter. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new position, you just never know what might be out there and what the recruiter might be offering. Better hours, a better team, and a higher salary might be in your future! And it can’t hurt to network with other recruiters and expand your professional web, either.

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